Can you keep a secret?

Test your skills of deception in this
easy-to-learn Slack game

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Attention: secret agents.

You are among a select group chosen to carry out this top secret assignment. Soon, you will find yourself in a specific location with a specific role assigned to you.

One agent among you is an enemy spy, unaware of the location of this covert operation. The spy's mission is to determine the location by listening carefully without blowing his/her cover.

All other agents must ask clever questions to all members of the group. The non-spies' mission requires them to use their skills of deduction in order to expose the spy without giving away the location.

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it. Good luck.


Starting a game.

Invite Slaccusation bot and all players to a group direct message in your Slack workspace. Type /slaccusation to begin a game.

Players will then receive a private message from Slaccusation bot with either the location or their role as a spy.

Slaccusation bot will also post a starting message in the group DM signifying the start of the game and assigning a specific player to begin questioning.

Accessing the list of possible locations.

Type /slaccusation list to see all possible locations. This feature is most useful for the spy.

Ending the game.

There are 3 ways a game can end:

1. Accusing a player of being the spy

Once per game, each player is allowed to declare another player as being the spy by using the command /slaccusation accuse [username] to put it to a vote.

If players do not all agree, then the game continues. If the vote is unanimous, Slaccusation bot will officially accuse the suspected player and end the game.

Slaccusation bot will then reveal whether the accusation was correct. If so, the non-spies will have won the game and Slaccusation bot will reveal the location. If not, the spy will have won and Slaccusation bot will reveal the identity of the actual spy.

2. Guessing the location

The spy is allowed one chance to end the game by guessing the location with /slaccusation guess [location name]. The location name must match a location name from the official list.

If the location is guessed correctly, the spy wins and his/her identity is revealed to the non-spies. If the guess is incorrectly, the non-spies win and the location is revealed to the spy.

3. Forcibly ending the game

To end the game for any other reason, type /slaccusation end.